October 20, 2012

Charlie and his family | Ottawa Family & Pet Photographer

I’ve known Liz for almost 10 years and have been photographing her family for the past year and a half.  This time around Liz called for a session to honour their furry family member, Charlie.  Such an old soul, he was definitely boss, and that also meant that he decided exactly WHEN and WHERE he was going to take a swim!  His signature swim at the nearest body of water is something I always think of whenever I see a dog jumping into a river or pond – I call it ‘pulling a Charlie’!

Due to Charlie’s extremely tall and bulky stature, every stranger that would pass by would ask ‘what breed is he?’ or they would say ‘my, that’s a big dog!’  Yes, Charlie was certainly one of a kind and it was obvious how much he was loved.  Every session that I do brings a special meaning with it, but this one in particular tugged a little bit harder on those heart strings.  Cheers to Charlie!