Digital Images FAQ

digital images faq

What do I get when I purchase a digital image?

Each image you purchase will come in the following four versions:

  • High Resolution in colour, printable up to 8 x 12″
  • High Resolution in black & white, printable up to 8 x 12″
  • Web Resolution in colour, watermarked for sharing online
  • Web Resolution in black & white, watermarked for sharing online

How will I receive the digital images that I purchase?

The digital images that you order will be available for you to download through your private online Client Portal.

Will the digital images that I purchase have a watermark / photographer’s logo on them?

Only the web versions of the digital images will be watermarked. The high resolution digital images are free of watermarks.

Will I have printing rights to the digital images that I purchase?

Yes!  You will have a personal print license for your purchased high resolution digital images. This means that you may have them printed at a consumer lab of your choice for your own personal purposes (i.e. to display in your home, to give as gifts). The photos may not be used for financial gain, commercial purposes, advertising, stock photography, competitions or contests of any kind, print sales, resale, editorial purposes, or the like. The photos may not be provided to other vendors or other professionals (i.e. cake maker, prop maker, birth professional, etc) without the explicit written consent of Diamondview Photography. Emily Brown retains full copyright on all images under the Canadian Copyright Act. Details of the print license are provided in your photography agreement.

Have the photos been retouched?

Yes! All images that are presented to you are fully edited and inspected to Diamondview Photography’s quality standards.

Is it possible to purchase the RAW files or the unedited digital images?

No, it is not.  By commissioning the services of Diamondview Photography you are paying for a professional artist’s talent and her finished work.

How big can I print my photos?

The digital images that you purchase may be printed up to 8 x 12″ (more commonly 8 x 10″). Anything larger than 8 x 10 / 8 x 12 may be printed through Diamondview Photography to preserve the original quality of the image. Pricing can be found in your online gallery, or you may request a price list from your photographer.

Why are the high resolution images limited to 8 x 12″ in size?

At Diamondview Photography, we strive for the best quality. All of our monitors that we use for photo editing have been precisely calibrated to the specific professional printers that we use to produce our archival quality print products. What we see on our computers is exactly how our lab prints, reproducing the exact intended colours, contrast, saturation, etc. Personal computers, other viewing devices and other printers vary drastically with regards to output therefore we would be doing a disservice to our clients by chancing a large format print through any other lab. By printing all large formats through Diamondview Photography we ensure that the final product will be displayed exactly how it was intended.

How come I received the web files, but I have not yet received the high resolution files?

We understand that clients are, more often than not, excited to share the photos with friends and family. This is why we send the web files soon after the order (within 1 business day) so that you can start sharing as soon as possible. If we have not yet done our final quality check on the images, we will go through our quality assurance process one final time to make sure the images are perfect before you receive them, and this sometimes means we do this last check after you have received the web files. This last check involves zooming in on each image to ensure we have not missed any little details that would be obvious in a print you might make, but not visible in a low resolution web file.

What if my computer crashes and I lose my digital images?

Your purchased digital images are available for you to re-download from your gallery found in your Client Portal up to three (3) months from your session date. We encourage you to back up your digital images in several locations to ensure you have multiple copies. We do not recommend keeping files on a CD or DVD as these media formats do not have long lifespans. It is recommended to store your files on at least two local hard drives in two separate locations (due to fire, flood, theft, etc), and most importantly back up your files online for safekeeping. Examples of online storage are DropBox, Google Drive and SmugMug.

We guarantee to keep all purchased digital images on file for at least one (1) year from your session date. An archive retrieval fee is applicable for images requested after gallery expiry.

Can I edit the photos, or add a filter when I upload it to social media?

No, you may not. The images that you have purchased are protected under Canadian Copyright and are prohibited from any alterations without the photographer’s explicit written consent. The digital images must remain intact to preserve the photographer’s intended artistry. The use of filters or cropping on social media is strictly prohibited.

Can I share my photos online?

Yes! You may personally share your purchased digital images using the provided ‘web files’ that are properly sized and watermarked for online use.

Please credit the photographer by tagging @DiamondviewPhotography on social media and noting credit as: “© Diamondview Photography”. To share a link to this website please use on Facebook and Instagram.

I printed my digital images at a consumer lab and they didn’t turn out how I would have liked. Can you help?

Unfortunately any issues pertaining to the digital images that have been printed at another lab must be taken up with that lab. We have no control over the printer settings or how the digital files are handled by the third party. We have calibrated all studio monitors to our professional print lab therefore only guarantee print output that is contracted through Diamondview Photography.

Can I print my digital images that were produced by Diamondview Photography through another photographer or professional studio?

Diamondview Photography only permits printing through a consumer lab, and not through another photographer or studio. When in doubt, contact us and we will be happy to provide a list of local or online consumer labs.