frequently asked questions

What are your office hours?

My office hours are Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Emails and phone calls are responded to during office hours. I often have sessions scheduled during office hours so please expect a delay in my response in some cases. As I run a home studio, I do not accept drop-ins. I kindly ask clients to make an appointment prior to picking up orders or dropping off payment.

Where do your sessions take place?

I have a full service home studio located in Kanata, Ontario. I will also work at clients’ homes for lifestyle sessions as well as at various outdoor locations around Ottawa and surrounding areas. I LOVE new and unique locations so if you have a spot in mind, please don’t be shy to ask!

What if my child does not like to be photographed? What if my child is shy?

A full length session is a great idea to allow plenty of time for your child to warm up and get used to the idea of being photographed. You might also consider an outdoor session where your child feels less confined to the studio space. I have many years of experience working with children of all ages and I am extremely patient with a few tricks up my sleeve!

How long do sessions take?

Family and maternity sessions last up to an hour. Newborn sessions last anywhere from one to three hours.

What if the forecast is predicting inclement weather?

This question comes up A LOT! Please understand that I do not look at the weather forecast until the day before the session. I have learned in the past that the forecast can often change (multiple times) so in order to keep my calendar functional I do not reschedule or postpone a session based on forecast until a maximum of 12 hours prior for morning sessions and 4 hours for afternoon or evening sessions. If it is not possible for a session to take pace on a scheduled date and time due to weather, I will make the decision to postpone to the next available date. I will not reschedule a session for cloudy or damp days. If it has recently rained and the ground is wet or the rain is just sprinkling, please expect your session to move forward as scheduled!

Do you offer any discounts?

It is not part of my policies to offer discounts by request or to negotiate price.  However, from time to time you can find some special offers on my Facebook page and in my newsletters.

What is the process for booking my session?

You will be guided through an online Booking Proposal where you will choose a date & time, fill out a quick questionnaire so I can get a better idea of your session goals, review & sign the photography agreement, and then pay the session fee!

I love your work, but the investment is higher than I expected. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! I understand that some prefer to pay in instalments. We would agree about the payment terms if that is what you need. All digital images and printed products will be ordered once final payment is made.

Do we have to pay tax? What if we pay you in cash?

As a registered business I am obligated to charge 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on all fees, services and products with all methods of payment.

You took a lot of photos during our session. Will we see all of those at our ordering session?

Probably not!  After each session I go through a round of culling and I immediately discard any images that do not meet my quality standards. You will be presented with all the best images at your ordering appointment. If I LOVE it, you will see it.

Can I have an online gallery? I would rather view the proofs online without having to come back to the studio.

I understand why an in-person ordering appointment might be a hesitation for some, but I have found that by viewing and ordering your photos in person it actually makes the process quicker and easier! I am readily available to answer any questions and I will help you decide what type of artwork is best for your space. A lot of clients tell me afterwards that the appointment was a lot of fun and it was the highlight of their experience!

How will I receive my digital images?

You will receive the digital images that you purchase through a secure digital download.

How do I receive my final print order?

You will have the option to pick up your order at the studio or to have it shipped. Shipping charges will apply for all shipped orders. Shipping must be requested at the time of the order. We can ship to most Canadian addresses.

Will I have printing rights to my digital photos?

Yes!  You will have personal print license for your purchased high resolution digital images. This means that you may have them printed at a consumer lab of your choice for your own personal purposes (i.e. to display in your home, to give as gifts). The photos may not be used for financial gain, commercial purposes, advertising, stock photography, competitions or contests of any kind, print sales, resale, editorial purposes, or the like. The photos may not be provided to other vendors or other professionals (i.e. cake maker, prop maker, birth doula, etc) without the explicit written consent of Diamondview Photography. Emily Brown retains full copyright on all images under the Canadian Copyright Act.

What is your availability? How soon do I need to book?

My schedule can vary quite a bit depending on season, however I ask that you provide as much notice as possible when booking a session. My busy season is end of August through December. For Fall and Christmas sessions I book approximately 3 months in advance, so I encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible! That said, from time to time I will have space open up throughout peak period due to early and late baby arrivals so it might be possible to schedule last minute. Please email me to check on current availability.

Is it better to shoot at our home or at your studio?

It really depends on your preference for the style of session you want. If you are thinking about having some candid lifestyle photographs, I will come to your home. If you are looking for traditional posed portraits with backdrops and props, the session will take place at the studio. You will have full access to all props, baby apparel, backdrops, etc in the studio.

What if someone participating in the session is sick on the day we are supposed to have our photos taken?

If anyone that will be participating in the session has become ill, I kindly ask that you call as soon as possible to reschedule your session. I will reschedule your session on the next available date once everyone is back to health. Due to the nature of my client base (newborn babies, children and expectant mothers) it is of utmost importance not to spread contagious and infectious illnesses within the studio.

What time of day is best to schedule our outdoor session?

For the best possible results for outdoor sessions, I generally start one hour before sunset and in some cases first thing in the morning. High sun causes harsh lighting and in turn causes less than flattering shadows and facial expressions. I will provide you with the session start times according to the sun schedule for that time of year.  In the winter months we may start a little earlier than an hour before sunset due to excessive cloud coverage. I do understand that certain times of the day are better for children considering bed times, however in my experience most children have no problem staying out a bit later than usual for picture day! It is something new and they are outside in a new environment so it helps to keep them happy and occupied. The lighting just before sunset is so beautiful and flattering that parents are always glad in hindsight that they decided to do a sunset session.

I have a Pinterest board with photos that I want to recreate. Can I send them to you so that we can do them in our session?

Most of the time when clients show me examples of photos that they would like to do, they are images taken by other photographers. I will never guarantee to get the same photos as I was not that photographer. I am happy to take a look at some of your examples to get an idea of what style you are going for and to see if it matches my style. I will never replicate an image if I feel that it is unsafe or well beyond the realm of my style.

I only need a few good photos. Can you do a cheaper/shorter session for me?

While you may only want ‘a few good photos’, it will still require planning, set up, session time, sorting through the images, editing and follow up at your ordering appointment. I do offer limited edition sessions throughout the year and this would be your best chance to schedule a session with a lower session fee and shorter session time.

When do we pay?

The session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your session or due date in my calendar. Any products (digital or print) that you would like to purchase are paid for at the ordering appointment. I do offer payment plans for portrait orders if this is what you need.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept credit card and Interac e-Transfers (also known as email transfers).

Is it possible to purchase the RAW files or unedited JPEG files?

No, it is not.  By hiring me and purchasing photographs from me, you are paying for a professional artist’s talent and her finished work.

When can I see my proofs?

Within one to two weeks of your photo session, you will be invited to join me at the studio for your custom ordering appointment to view your photos for the first time.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes! All images that are presented to you are fully edited and inspected to my quality standards.

How soon will my images be ready?

Digital images are ready soon after your ordering appointment, so long as full payment has been made. Printed artwork all have varying lab production times. I will provide an estimate at the time of order.

Are gift certificates available?

Clients that have retained our services can take advantage of the complimentary gift registry where friends and family can buy credits in any amount to go towards the purchase of their photographs. Alternatively, gift certificates including a session fee and full digital gallery may be purchased for individuals who have not yet retained our services.

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