maternity & newborn frequently asked questions

I am pregnant. When should I schedule my maternity session?

I like to schedule maternity sessions between 32-36 weeks, however you may opt to schedule earlier if your belly is already showing prominently.  In your last month of pregnancy you may not feel as comfortable and able to do a session so it is best to book early!  I will still schedule maternity sessions after 36 weeks for last minute requests but I typically won't pre-book for this late in your pregnancy.

Where will my maternity session take place?

You have a few options!  If you are looking for traditional posed images with backdrops, the session will take place in-studio.  You may prefer to do your session outside or as a candid lifestyle session in your home.  Props and backdrops are not used for in-home sessions.

What should I wear for my maternity session?

This totally depends on the look you are going for!  Many clients like to stay casual with jeans and a tight-fitting top.  Avoid busy patterns and logos on your clothing.  If you wish to do some more natural maternity photographs, I have plenty of fabrics, wraps and maternity gowns in the studio.  Maternity sessions are all about celebrating your pregnancy and showing off your beautiful belly, so I encourage you to think about how you would like to document this special time.  I am comfortable photographing nude and semi nude so please discuss this if it is something you would like to try!

What if my baby is older than 3 weeks of age?

I will not turn away a session due to baby's age, however with babies that have surpassed the optimal period I may or may not be able to achieve the sleepy and curly poses that you see in my work.  There are other poses that will be easier for your older baby to do, so I will follow your baby's cues and level of flexibility for optimal comfort.  I am highly experienced with older newborns so do not be discouraged if your baby has already surpassed the optimal period.  All of this said, I do not recommend waiting until your baby is two weeks old to let me know about your baby's birth!  If you have secured your due date in my calendar, please contact me as soon as reasonably possible so we can arrange for a session within the optimal period.

We would prefer to have our newborn session start in the afternoon or evening. Is this possible?

With my experience photographing nearly 300 newborn babies, I have found that the best time of day to start a session is in the morning.  Many babies are less likely to be consolable in the afternoon and evening, hence the term that we refer to as 'witching hour'.

Is it better to shoot at our home or at your studio?

The newborn session will take place in-studio.  You will have full access to all the props, hats, bonnets, headbands, backdrops, etc here in the studio.  If you would prefer to do a more casual and candid session, please ask me about my Lifestyle Newborn Sessions.  For the lifestyle session I will come to your home to document you with your baby in your own environment, however I do not offer props or traditional sleepy/curly poses for this session.

I have other children that I would like to have photographed with my newborn. Can you accommodate this?

Absolutely!  I believe that the birth of your new baby is a family celebration!  The Diamond Newborn Session is perfect if you are looking to include the family!  Sibling, Family and Parent poses are done at the beginning of the session.  I highly recommend that you have someone available to take toddler siblings home following their portion of the session.  Young children do not tolerate the high temperature in the studio and length of the session which may result in a distraction for the session.

How do I prepare for my newborn session?

Once your session is officially booked, I will send you a package filled with loads of information that will help you to prepare for your session. The information package covers before, during and after the session.

Do I need to pre-book my newborn session? How can we do this if we don’t actually know when the baby will be born?

It is highly recommended that you pre-book your newborn session as I generally secure due dates up to 5 months in advance!  With a pre-booked newborn session (paid session fee and signed contract) I will save approximately three weeks on either side of your due date to ensure your session takes place within the optimal period after birth.  Sometimes babies are born early and I make every effort to accommodate this scenario.  With a scheduled induction date, I typically pre-schedule the photo session for one week post-partum.

Do you specialize in newborn photography? I want a photographer who has lots of experience with newborn babies, especially premature babies!

Photographing newborn babies since 2009 using safe posing techniques, I have become one of Ottawa's leading newborn photographers.  I am a Nationally Accredited Newborn Photographer (Professional Photographers of Canada) and I take great pride in my work with nearly 300 of the littlest of subjects.  I also have a great deal of experience photographing the tiniest of new babies in local neonatal intensive care units where I customize each session to fit the specific needs of parents and their premature babies.

What is the best age to photograph my newborn?

I have found that the optimal age for newborn photography is between 5-10 days old to achieve the sleepy, curly poses.  Babies older than three weeks of age are less likely to fall asleep soundly and they are also not as easily posed.  I acknowledge that every baby is different and while the optimal time is between 5-10 days, I do not guarantee that every baby will cooperate.  This is simply a recommended guideline so that we can document your baby's first few weeks of life before that newborn look has passed.

What time will my newborn session take place?

Newborn sessions take place at 10:00 AM Monday through Friday.  Please contact me as soon as reasonably possible after the delivery to let me know the good news!  I will then offer you the next available session dates to ensure we are within the optimal period.  Due dates that have been secured in my calendar will receive first priority when scheduling session dates.

How much time should I allow for my newborn session?

Newborn sessions last up to 2 hours for the Little Gem Session (baby only) and 2-3 hours for the Diamond Newborn Session (including siblings and/or parents).  This amount of time allows plenty of opportunity for feeding, diaper changing, cuddles, and perfecting those adorable little poses.  I will not rush a session, but rather take the time that is required to acheive a variety of perfect images where I have paid close attention to detail while maintaining baby's safety at all times.

I can’t imagine leaving my home just days after delivering! How do I know if I will feel like doing this when the time comes?

My studio has a comfy area for moms and dads to relax.  I invite you to cozy up with a pillow and blanket with a warm cup of tea while you watch your precious new baby being photographed.  The session will start with family photos, so once those are complete you are welcome to catch a nap!  I understand that this might sound like a big adventure, and it IS, but all you need to do is get here and I will take care of the rest. If leaving your home is absolutely not an option, we can discuss the option of doing a lifestyle session instead.

I am expecting twins! Is there an additional cost for more than one baby?

No way!  Newborn sessions cost the same whether you have one baby or four!  There are likely many additional costs that come with having multiple babies, but I don't feel that photography should be one of them.

Do you offer birth announcement cards?

Yes, we do! There are several templates to choose from that are completely customizable.  You will have a chance to review all of the templates upon request after your session has been secured!

Do you offer a Gift Registry?

Yes, I do! I offer a complimentary gift registry for clients that have retained my maternity and/or newborn services.


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