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I announced this morning that I was going to have quintuplet newborns in the studio this afternoon. You wouldn’t generally refer to a litter of five puppies as quintuplets but I knew it would spark some interest… because let’s face it, all of my fellow newborn photographers would LOVE to get their hands on a set of multiples to photograph… the more babies the merrier! I personally have photographed twins, but never triplets and beyond.


These five little Boston Terrier pups were born only two and a half weeks ago and have just started to open their eyes. They aren’t walking yet but certainly showed me that they are capable of squirming all around. While they are quite sleepy and calm at this age, just like human newborns, they do have their awake moments when they are quite wiggly and alert. The tiniest guy of the litter was the most alert opening his eyes for me on several occasions.


Photographing new puppies was on my photography bucket list and I’m super thrilled that these little babies cooperated for me. One little sister surrounded by four brothers. I definitely wanted to keep them all but I think my two fluffy pups would have something to say about it.


Now, one with the cuteness overload…

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While I am a specialized HUMAN newborn photographer, I do welcome puppy newborns as well. Contact me to set up your puppy session today!

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